In my younger years; I was always a skinny kid. Bones and skin pretty much. Then came high school and the early teen years where I started putting on the weight. Throughout my early teen years up until the beginning of university, I have always been chubby and went through all the phases, chubby, pudgy, husky; u name it. It was no surprise though; I had the worst eating habits. If it was green and grew out of the ground I wouldn’t have it, fast food was my staple; extra mayo and extra cheese was all I knew ordering food.

Then started University where I thought I should work on losing weight. Just like any other “Jessica Abs” (will go further on that later on in the blog) I started cardio 6 days a week and pretty much starved myself. I lost the weight but also had loads of injuries, knee problems, bad skin etc… Not knowing that the way I was eating was depriving my body of all the nutrients it needed to function and I was self destructing. Then I thought id start weight lifting. Took all the wrong turns, and was doing it all wrong.

I then started to educate myself by reading, trying out new things and that kicked off my journey to falling in love with health and fitness and has led to me acquiring my international personal training Certification. My life has never been the same and I strive everyday to educate, train and help people achieve their break their goals beyond what they though they were capable of.

I am not that guy that never had to break a sweat to be fit, nor was I an average guy with a solid base. I know what it feels like to be tempted and how a lot of overweight people see these temptations and I know how to break that. Afterall, i was hovering at 92 kilos of pure lard.