You really shouldn’t Deadlift? Say what?! Read to find out why…

You’ve probably heard how deadlifting can be bad for you and that most back injuries are a result of performing heavy deadlifts. I am writing this article to shed light on why you shouldn’t be deadifting. The person that told you this may be a friend, gym buddy, or even a personal trainer. Nevertheless, they must really know their stuff. Especially if it came from a trainer working in one of those grand commercial gym franchises. Those guys are top notch & hardcore as they usually (not all) pitch in to show you how to target the ‘upper chest’ 😉

You may be reading this in utter disbelief, but i ask of you to give me the benefit of doubt and make your mind up when you’re done reading this article. Oh and girls….theres a part specially for you 🙂

Anyway, let’s get back to how deadlifting is bad for you….

Here are a few drawbacks of deadlifting and exactly why you shouldn’t be deadlifting;

Targets the entire posterior chain

With today’s lifestyle, were at a constant – forward prone- position.  While sitting at your desk, reading, writing, hunched over the dinner table or surfing the net on your pc. All the former activities work against your natural posture and cause your back muscles to weaken giving you that forward rounded hunched over look. to make matters worse, if not corrected it will eventually lead to an unbalanced kinetic chain.

Now. lets take a look at what the deadlift does. The deadlift counteracts all that by being a major pulling movement. Not only that, but the deadlift targets and works the entire posterior chain (all the muscles on the back side; calves, hamstrings, lower back, upper back and traps). When performed correctly all these muscles will fire, one after the other. An all in one, bang for your buck compound movement. So yeah, you shouldn’t deadlift right?!

Dont stop now, keep on reading. Trust me, its worth it…

Caters to all goals

Whether your goal is to burn fat, build muscle, strength or improve endurance, the deadlift can take care of all that, and then some! The deadlift will help you achieve the size you desire. By being a compound movement, it will contribute in increasing muscle mass translating into an increased resting metabolic rate (How much your body burns at rest) thereby burning more calories at rest.

Not only that, but the increased muscle mass will improve the muscles capacity and further improve your endurance goals. For those of you who train for performance such as running, sprinting or even sports like football, tennis etc will benefit by the positive carry-over gained from deadlifting.

You’re a girl

Since you’re a girl, you don’t want to get “too” big. All you want to do is shape up, tone your legs, hips stomach and butt right? Funny enough, i really have to share, but, coincidently, the deadlift will do just that! As it’s a hamstring & glute dominant exercise, it targets most if not all the muscles that every girl ive met wants to improve and “shape”. To add, deadlifting with enough load will engage your core. So not only do you get the butt you’ve always wanted, but you get an added perk of a tight core! But yeah, deadlifting is bad for you….

Bigger back is deadlift’s middle name

Performing heavy deads will build a massive back; the deadlift is also proven to be one of the best exercises to targets the spinal erector muscles located right in the middle of your back. They are the muscles that form the crease (indent) like line along the back.

Too functional? You dont say!

They’re right. The deadlift is too functional of an exercise for its own good. In everyday life, one of the most demanding tasks is to pick a heavy object off the ground. How many times have you heard of people throwing their backs as they try to lift something off the ground? The deadlift will teach you proper posture and technique to safely pick up a heavy load, all while strengthing your back providing you with spinal support and protection against injuries.

So as you can see, it has a great carry over to everyday life tasks versus say a bicep curl, triceps pull down etc. all of which carry over to carrying a heavier phone to your ear 😉

Gives you that Beast mode feel and great sense of strength and achievement

As you progress and move to heavier loads with the dealift, you will have an uneasy feeling as you approach the bar to get into your set. Finishing a heavy set of deads gives you a great euphoric feel unlike any other exercise. People have literally passed out from deadlifiting.

So as you can see, all those factors and benefits, ehm…ehm…I mean flaws really confirm that you shouldn’t be deadlfiting, Oh and about those injuries you hear about, that only happens when people break their form and underestimate the exercise. The deadlift requires discipline, respect and balls of steel (that goes to you girls too) coz of how bad ass it really is

Thats all folks!! Happy Deadlifitng

ps: I really hope you caught on to the sarcasm


10 thoughts on “You really shouldn’t Deadlift? Say what?! Read to find out why…

  1. Really great! I would really start my day doing this since it is proven to be helpful for the body. I would really shape up my body through this.

    • Nikka, Thnanks for your comment!! Yes you definitely should. It will take your training to a whole new level and definitely aid in achieving your ideal physique. Happy training!!

    • My pleasure Steph 🙂 dont forget to check out and like the facebook page for more tips, workouts and more 🙂

      Thanks for Reading!

  2. Wow! I guess Deadlift isn’t that bad I think I should start Deadlifting by now. I’ll follow you on twitter for more workouts tips. Thanks!

  3. Damn man I already love doin deadlift my favorite ex. , now after that article I love it even more. Thanks man for Sharing your knowledge.

  4. man I already love doin deadlift my favorite ex. , now after that article I love it even more. Thanks man for Sharing your knowledge.

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