Gym Etiquette 101

As much as some people think of a gym as a place merely to burn calories, huff and puff; there is some standard of ethics and etiquette expected. At times, the things people do make me want to kill them. Having said that I thought it would be fun to lay down some rules of the ground, Gym Etiquette 101 if I may..

You’re going to the gym to exercise, but you take the escalator…… Words just cant describe….


The Dreaded Strollers’. Exercise isn’t confined to cardio machines.  Many people will just loath around and walk at snail pace speeds until they get to the designated weight room or cardio floor. Finally when they do, they set *insert favorite cardio machine* to a whopping 1.5 mph MOVE PEOPLE, that isn’t a workout!!

This also applies to the so-called multi-taskers. Youre not impressing anyone but yourself as you read a book  while you workout. In fact what you’re doing is asking for a beating with your own god damn book.

And Dont get me started on why you shouldn’t be texting / talking on the phone while working out. Unless of course its planned in for your biceps routine and lets not forget, the “finger” muscles. Dont forget to flex your fingers infront of the mirror after texting.


This also applies to the so-called multi-taskers. Youre not impressing anyone but yourself as you read a book  while you workout. In fact what you’re doing is asking to be “book-slapped” with your own god damn book

And, Do I need to tell you why you shouldn’t be texting and talking on the phone while exercising? Unless of course you trying to work your “finger” muscles”


Wipe your sweat. Its absolutely normal to sweat at the gym, but its ridiculous to think that everyone else is fine with your sweat on them. When your done working out on the bench/machine, wipe it down. If I had a dollar for the amount of times i had to wipe down someone elses butt crack sweat line off the bench before using it. I would be very happy person right now.


Limit spandex to the bedroom. For the love of god, Guys, what the hell is going through your head when you put on a pair of neon spandex shorts?! Guys that do belong in a psychiatric hospital. They don’t stop there, for some reason these people looooovvvee to stretch in the most awkward positions. Its like a dead cat on the road, you don’t want to look but you just cant help it.

This applies to “Hot Shorts” too


Women, seek a man’s approval for spandex 😀


Clean Bar Code. When your done working out, take the weights off the bar. I don’t care how tired you are or how much you just lifted, im not your mum to pick up after you. When you do return the weights, done stack 45 plates in front of 10rs’. Match them with the same weights.

“If you can lift it, you can put it away”


This one is for those who seem to workout as if they own the place. They have no regard whatsoever to anyone around them. For the most part they tend to be the scrawniest ones around. Nevertheless, if youre one of them, read up:

  • 5 x 5 rule. Confine your workout area to  5 sq ft. I see so many people who use up half the gym floor for their acrobatic workout (not a typo). Theres nothing more distracting than having someone jumping around you will you’re on a heavy set.
  • DO NOT, do not cross the eye line of someone doing a heavy-set. Wait till they are done before you pass, or go around them. This brings me to my next point;
  • 5 Step rule. Pick your weight off the dumbbell rack and take 5 steps back and do whatever it is you have to do. Do not hog the rack and leave people waiting on you to finish.


Excessive grunting. At times its warranted (at least from a guys perspective) to psych yourself to get through that last rep or two on a heavy set. But pointless, excessive grunting is unnecessary. There is no need for you  to grunt and groan on a warm up set (I guarantee that 9 out of 10 people think you are a moron, and that one person who thinks you are cool, is you). Some people take it so far that it starts to sound like nature’s channels documentary headlining; “life of a constipated gorilla”


This is definitely high up on the list for any serious lifter. The Squat Rack is a shrine for lifters. Its a place designated for one thing, Squats (including its variations), With the occasional Heavy rows & rack pulls . Performing your bicep curls at the squat rack is like cursing in a holy place. Just as a holy place is meant only to serve a few purposes, like prayer, confessions etc, the squat rack is meant for certain lifts and only those .

If you’re going to curl and cant pick your weight off the ground, then you’re using too much weight. Now repeat after me;

Thou shall not curl at the squat rack


The list can go on, but ill stop here and let you guys chime. Whats your pet peeve ?

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3 thoughts on “Gym Etiquette 101

  1. Funny and so true! You should print this up into imitations of those small christian pamplets and put them on the backs of toilets at the gym.

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