Fat Loss: Progression is key

90% of the people I know want to lose weight. Losing weight is one thing and losing “fat” is another thing. Ive covered the topic of weight loss being attributable to many things such as water, muscle etc which may be misleading since it easily comes back on once the person stops dieting. It’s important to distinguish the two; scale weight and fat weight. U can go all out and starve urself, rest assured the weight will come off but whether you look better than you did before you gained the weight is questionable. I myself have fallen victim to the all out approach when dieting and suffered the consequences.

At my bout to gain muscle which requires a caloric excess, fat comes along and with the desire to lean out once im heavier than id like, its time to diet down. It’s human nature to want fast results, but the commitment can become a double-edged sword. From training 4 times a week with no cardio to training 6-7 times a week, twice a day with daily cardio you start to see results and increase your time in the gym and further reduce your calories.

The fat starts to come off but 2 weeks maybe 3 down the line everything stops. Ur fat loss comes to a halt, you lose energy and motivation in your workouts and feel like a zombie. The normal rationing would be to put in more work. Seeing that more reps and added cardio are of no use, you jump the wagon and gain everything back. We’ve all been there.

To avoid burning out too soon, “Smart progression” is key.

Calories Last

Even though the first thing that comes to mind when dieting is reducing calories, it should be the second step after making dietary changes and exercise progressions. Start tracking what you were eating and make changes to your diet first and foremost. Eating clean will get you results without changing one thing in your workouts. That’s week 1. On your second week, it’s time to make one addition at the end of your workout. 10 minutes of added cardio, increasing it by 5 minutes every 3 days for another week. After those 2 options stop reaping results, either increase the intensity of your workouts by incorporating intervals, super sets etc or add an additional day of cardio.You can also reduce calories by 250 cals and so on.

This method will ensure adequate progression and further prolonging your progress. Once all stalls and depending on how much more weight you want to lose, cheat days, high days, low days, fasted cardio,carb cycling, HIIT etc. may be factored in

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5 thoughts on “Fat Loss: Progression is key

  1. Good info on fat loss and muscle building, most people don’t realize the details that go into this kind of stuff. To just lose weight, track calories. To lose fat or gain muscle, track calories and workout and get your protein in.

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