Get a beach body in 7 days!!

Ok, its almost summer time and everyone wants to look their best and get the “Ahhh” moment at the beach. so let me tell you how you can get the body you want in just 7 days! ………

YOU CAN’T!!………

No matter how good a diet claims to be, how fast the results are, there is always a catch and there is always something they are keeping from you. Im surprised they haven’t come up with “Dream body in 1 day” If it was that easy, every person would be walking around with the beach body they want, nutritionists and dieticians would be broke and Gyms would be closing down left and right.

These “business Men” and “sales People” which is how I view them, don’t tell you everything you need to know. Then you come and say; well look at the before and after pics. I did, did u? Most of the test subjects / tried people are usually over 200 pounds, when your that big, the fat comes off that easy. Your body is used to asstrocious amounts of calories and there’s an imprint of your goliath behind in the sofa for a reason. Look at the biggest loser, these people lose 5-7 kilos and sometimes more a week then eventually when they get down towards average, the weight loss halts to 1 – 3 pounds a week and yet they’re goin balls out with trainers on their side 24/7 which isn’t merely half as much of what regular gym goers do. Not to mention at that weight, the huge

amount of water the person loses which attributes as fat. and lastly lets not forget about how good people are with photoshop nowadays.

Do they ever do a follow up on the subjects that claimed their life turned around? they don’t for a reason , ill let you take that home and think about it. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and discover how you can get your 6 pack while eating a bag of chips, try changing that outlook on loosing weight and itll come off.


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