1 Hour Meal Preps for The “whole” Week

Once you decide to diet down, the first thing you look to change is your diet. Its always a problem finding something relatively ‘diet-friendly’ to order.

This is just a quick write up to give you a few pointers and show you that actually planning your meals for the whole week can take you less than an hour.

This is something I do on a weekly basis, usually on a saturday morning.

Things you’ll need;

– 4 Packs of fresh (skinless) chicken breasts

– Ready made (low sodium) marinade

– 4 good sized sweet potatoes

For the chicken breasts:

– Place them all on a cutting board and remove the excess (obvious) fat

– Rinse in salt and vinegar (some people are anal about chicken). I skip this step coz contrary to common belief, any bacteria is actually killed in the “cooking” process (heat is what kills bacteria not the acidity)

– Place them in a bowl along with the marinade and let them sit while you cater to your sweet potatoes 😉

Baked Sweet Potatoes

– Wash the sweet potatoes and;

– Slice in even sizes so they’re all cooked equally



– I personally use the george foreman grill, since its easy to cook in and clean while draining any excess fat during the cooking process. ( you can pick one up from your local hyper-mart for a minimal amount and they last you a good 3 years if used wisely)

– For the formean grill, itll take you an average of 9 minutes to cook each batch of chicken. Flip every 3 minutes until evenly cooked and slightly brown

Sweet Potatoes;

– Spray some pam spray (low calorie based oil spray) on a sheet of foil

– Spread them totters on there and chuck em in the oven for around 30 minutes turning them at the half mark.


The finished Product :

And there you go, pre package a breast or 2 along with a couple of slices of sweet potatoes and grab em as you go everyday.

This should be enough to last you for the whole week.

If you cant be bothered to do this, get lakshmi (generic name for your housemaid) or sweet talk mommy into doing it for you.

If you got some free time, steam some veggies while you’re at it and you got a whole meal ready to go.

Simple, healthy, cost effective and pretty damn good to taste


– It may take you longer the first couple of times, but itll soon be a breeze and youll start getting creative and maybe untap a hidden talent you never knew you had 🙂

– I prefer making my own marinade with tomato concentrate, some spices and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

– For the sweet potatoes, add a dash of spices like paprika, turmeric, curry and garlic (easy with the Garlic) and an added spray on the top for that crispy crunch 😉

– Add seasoning to taste

– Add in sirloin steak for variey or even tuna steaks if youd like.


5 thoughts on “1 Hour Meal Preps for The “whole” Week

  1. Mmmmm sounds tasty,.. (I could only probably think of one other thing i would rather eat 😉 Soo, when are you inviting us round for dinner? Great post, Im off to buy a grill and sum chicken, will let you know how it goes. Thanks for the tips.

    PS. Can i have lakshmi’s number? :o)

    • Anytime mate, name the time!

      Great, do chime back and let us know how it goes.

      Just give any manpower agency a ring and theyll send a ‘Lakshmi’ right over 😉

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