Total Body Training Part II

In  ‘Total Body Training Part I'(Read Article), I outlined the benefits of incorporating TBT over other training splits until you have reached an advanced level. In this post, as promised, I’ll outline parameters for a great routine that I followed myself, as well as other people I worked with and had great results. ( This routine is for guys and girls alike)

The routine calls for 3 x week.

Every workout comprises of 6 exercises;4 Compound Movements and 2 single-joint exercises

Sets per Muscle Group: 2 – 4

Rep Range: 5 – 12

Length of program: 4 – 5 weeks followed by a de-load week

Exercises to choose from;

Compound Exercises

Chest: Incline, flat, decline barbell or dumbbell bench presses

Back:Pull-downs with different grips (cables or plate loaded), Bent-over Dumbbell rows, Bent-over Barbell rows, Pull-ups, Chin-ups

Deltoids (shoulders): Standing or seated military presses with a barbell or dumbbells

Quads: barbell back squats, hack squats, box squats, front squats.

Hamstrings / Glutes: Deadlifts (Conventional/stiff-leg/Sumo), Power cleans

Single-Joint Exercises

Biceps: Barbell curls, hammer curls or preacher curls.

Triceps: Lying barbell or dumbbell triceps extensions, close-grip bench press, pushdowns, skull-crushers.

Deltoids: Front raises, lateral raises, rear delt raises or face-pulls.

Hamstrings: Glute-ham raises, bridges, leg curls

Calves: Standing raises (smith machine w/bench), seated raises or donkey calf raises (bent-over calf raises)


– Dont neglect muscle groups. Ensure every major muscle group is hit every session.

– The exercises to choose from are not set in stone and the pairings of exercises are limited to you.

– Try to limit total rep range per muscle group from 24 to 36 per session.

– Add progression to the workout as you go on (rest periods/super-sets/interval work).

– You can also add in core work and lower back work at the end of your session.

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