Want to put on Mass, let your abs take a back seat. Anything but Rebecca Black in the back seat

Ok, this post has nothing to do with Rebecca Black……

I know everyone wishes they could add slabs and slabs of muscle without putting on the weight. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible and money doesn’t grow on trees either. If your goal is to put on muscle, u need to accept the fact that along with an increase in muscle mass there will be some fat gain. How much depends on how good you are with your nutrition and training as well as various other factors such as hormones, past history of body composition, stress levels etc.

Based on various studies conducted, the average muscle to fat ratio is 6:4. That means, having all things down to the ‘T’, for every pound you gain; 60% will be muscle and 40% fat. It doesn’t sound too appealing; does it? But the truth isn’t always easy.

This is why, In my own experience as well as referencing a lot of veterans in the bodybuilding field, I recommend you start your bulk cycle when you are lean (10%-12% body fat). There are a number of reasons for that;

For one, at this level of body fat, your hormone profile is at its best as well as your insulin sensitivity making your body far more efficient at rationing nutrients. Secondly, when you’re at that level of leanness, you won’t be discouraged by the fat gain and cut your cycle short as you would if you started at say 15%. Regardless of the matter, expect your abs to fade away the further you are in your program. But prepare to be bigger when you diet back down.

I always recommend having a routine so to speak when it comes to your diet. by doing so, you can tweak your diet easily without having to redo everything if you feel like you’re adding too much fat for your liking, and vice versa . As a start and a benchmark, you should be aiming for a 500 caloric excess above your maintenance levels a day, giving you a 3500 calorie surplus a week. If you know you gain fat real quick start with 250 cals a day for a week and then gradually increase it to 500.

The latter equates to 1lb of scale weight gain a week. Make sure your intensity at the gym is high enough. If you feel like you’re not gaining muscle, you may not be lifting heavy enough or with the required intensity to facilitate muscle hypertrophy.

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