Why is almost every Dietitian, nutritionist obese?!

It baffles me to see family members; friends and friends of friends who have been trying to lose weight for 10 years go to their so-called dietitians’ year on year with no avail. I sometimes tag along just to see what they have to say. 9/10 times, the so-called health professional is obese. Not overweight, not a lil’ chunky; but obese.

 They then ask them some routine questions about what the person eats, puts them on a scale, opens his/her drawer and hand them a print out of a diet template. A follow-up is then scheduled in 2 weeks. It’s a non-stop yo-yo cycle. At first they lose some weight and get excited and tell their friends, “LIKE OMG !!! This guy is the best!! I’ve lost 5 kilos and I eat whatever I want”. A month goes by and guess what; they’re heavier than they were before they lost the weight? Funny thing is they never wonder why and yet again its time for another visit to a different overweight dietitian. I am in no way shunning dietitians, nutritionists alike nor am I stereotyping the field. In my honest opinion, to the majority; its pure business. They know exactly what it is their patients need to do to keep the weight off, but then again if they tell them that, they’re out of business in no time.

What’s more annoying is every sane person in the right state of mind wanting to lose weight knows what they’re doing is wrong but are constantly trying to reinvent the wheel and find that miracle diet that’s going to get them ripped and toned without changing a thing. You shouldnt be getting on a diet, you should be working on making “lifestyle” changes if youre looking to keep the weight off.

Instead of following dietary guidelines from people who are not able to manage their own weight, I recommend you start seeking advice from people who look the look. They may not have all the right answers, but they’re clearly doing something right.


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