Girls, Dump the pink weights and start lifting

you’re not going to be the next Arnie…

Jessica Abs! You know who you are….When girls think of working out, all they see is a TREADMILL (insert favorite cardio machine) + a half hour of an ab workout. 9/10 girls’ idea of working out is spending an hour a day on the treadmill followed by the weirdest ab routine that make them look like a fish out of water. They then adopt a goat’s diet and have a green salad everywhere they go. Dont get me wrong, cardio has its place in reaching your goals just not the way its usually incorporated. If you want the figure you strive for, that picture of the perfect body you have pinned up on your dresser, START LIFTING WOMEN!!!

This gurl is benching almost her bodyweight. Seems to me she has the body most girls strive for

I know, I know, you don’t want to be big and bulk up. No matter how heavy you lift; you are not going to be the next Arnold. Guys and Girls are made up different. In order to grow muscle you require testosterone. Testosterone is the muscle building hormone. Women don’t have the physiology to put on slabs muscle, even though the ovaries do produce testosterone, it’s not enough to elicit huge muscle gains. Furthermore, girls don’t have enough protein in their diets to support optimal muscle growth.

The thighs you gurls want are sculpted at the squat rack, not the treadmill

When anyone starts lifting weights, you’re basically tearing and breaking down muscle, your body naturally floods the muscle with water to help speed up the recovery through nutrient delivery (sacroplasmic hypertrophy:Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is an increase in the volume of the non-contractile muscle cell fluid, sarcoplasm) and hence you have the feel of your muscles getting bigger however this is a temporary adaptation to something your body isnt used to and will subside as you keep training. After a week or two of consistent lifting, that will subside as your body adapts. Now you’re probably wondering what about those professional female bodybuilders, I’ll tell you; you’re not making enough money a year to support their supplement use (anabloics, testosterone boosters, growth hormones).

What do you have to lose, pick up the weights, try it for a month, if you don’t like the way you look, ditch it and go back to running for an hour on the same spot going nowhere.

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7 thoughts on “Girls, Dump the pink weights and start lifting

  1. Great article! i totally agree… i used to be one of those girls who would spend hours on the cardio machine at the gym just because i had that “fear” of bulking up. however ive now grown to love my weight training and thanks to your help, i feel fitter and healthier. The fast progress ive been able to see with weights has definitely made me fall inlove with weight training. 🙂

    • Thank you!! We’ve all made our mistakes, I certainly have. Most important thing is to learn from them, move on and keep an open mind to try new things. And that’s exactly what you did 🙂
      You have yourself to thank for your progress; you definitely put in the effort and strive to be better every time. And the best thing is, you train like every workout is your last 😉 hahaha

  2. Thank you for being such a great trainer! you have helped me achieve my goals and given me so much support! Will continute training and working towards progressing even further! 🙂 🙂

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  5. I started lifting a lot because I am an athlete and I ate protein afterward to put on muscle, but I ended up getting thicker legs, butt, and shoulders and I absolutely hate it. I no longer feel thin instead I feel shot and bulky.

    • Hi. I understand your concern and is one many of my clients have. What happens is that as you gain muscle, the added size makes you seem “thick”. Reason is you are currently carrying excess body fat which is masking the definition and “toned look” that you are after. For you to be happy is now focus on reducing your body fat while continuing to lift weights. Once you do so you’ll be surprised with your new body. This is an issue that discourages many women from lifting. If you educate yourself (I have many articles covering this topic) you’ll c that all this is part of the process to achieve your dream body. I hope this helps and keeps u lifting.

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